DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

I browsed Pinterest for hall bathroom design ideas when I was preparing for our hall bathroom renovation (check out the Before and After). I found this from Start At Home Decor and knew it would be perfect for our bathroom.

Towel rack

Here it is in our bathroom!

towel rack

towel rack

DIY towel rack

This was SUCH a simple and cheap project! 

  1. First we measured the length of our wall. Ours was 86 inches.
  2. Then we bought a 1 x 4 x 10 piece of wood from Lowes and had them cut it for us.
  3. Brad sanded it down, while keeping some of the character of the wood.
  4. Next I stained the wood with some leftover stain from another project. I believe it was only $4 when I bought it originally.
  5. Since this will be holding wet towels, we wanted to make sure it was held securely to the wall. We found the studs in the wall and marked them with some painters tape.
  6. I held up the wood, made sure it was level, then Brad drilled it into the studs.
  7. Last we screwed in 3 hooks (bought from Lowes) between the studs.

It probably took 10 minutes to sand, 10 minutes to stain, and 10 minutes to hang up! About an hour long project if you count the trip to Lowes! Let’s look at the price breakdown:

  • Wood: $6
  • Stain: $4
  • Hooks: 3 x $2 = $6

We spent less than $20 on this new towel rack! My favorite projects are the ones that are cheap, quick, and easy!

DIY Towel Rack

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