Pregnancy Update: the Gender and the Name

Pregnancy Update: the Gender and the Name

We shared last week that there’s a little BOY growing in my belly!

Finding out the Gender

We forwent the reveal party and decided to find out the gender together during the sonogram. It was a really special moment that I’ll never forget. The rest of the sonogram went great – we got to see him wiggling around and everything checked out perfectly! It was so fun to see the four chambers of his heart pumping.

Telling our Parents

We found out we were having a boy on a Friday afternoon, so we had both of our parents and Brad’s sister over on Saturday morning for brunch. We bought two baby boy outfits and wrapped them up, then had our moms open them at the same time. There was a lot of smiles, laughing, and cheering.

Then we sat down to eat and spent the rest of the morning dreaming about meeting our little boy. It was so fun to have all eight of us together and made me really excited for future birthday parties and holidays. We’re super blessed to have parents that get along so well. This first grandbaby is going to be very loved by all of his grandparents and aunt and uncle!

The Name

Brad and I have always enjoyed talking about baby names – ones we love and ones we hate. We had several potential names in mind before we even got pregnant. We had picked out a boy and a girl name before our sonogram, but we hadn’t told many people yet in case we changed our minds. After we found out it was a boy, we immediately knew that the name we had picked out was perfect.

We are naming him Benjamin Lee Bartlett and we’ll call him Ben.

There’s nothing significant about the name Benjamin – we like the sound of a B name with the last name Bartlett (like Brad’s name) so we were brainstorming B names and thought of Benjamin. We like all of the Benjamins that we know, I don’t have any negative feelings about the name, it’s common enough that people know it without being way too common, and I think it’s a strong name at any age. It’s been so fun to put a name to the little guy we’ve talked so much about! We chose Lee for the middle name because that is Brad’s middle name.

Pregnancy Updates 

In my last post, I was 14 weeks pregnant and still feeling very sick. I’m now 21 weeks and feeling much better! I still have a sick day here and there, but overall way better. I’ve been able to start running again and I can eat food more easily than before.

I felt the “flutters” for the first time at 15 weeks and he’s been moving more and more ever since. In week 20 I felt him kick with my hand and started seeing my belly move when he kicks. He is a super active kiddo! I feel him moving around very consistently, which is super fun.

My baby bump really showed up in week 19. I’m still on the smaller side compared to many girls I know that are as far along as me, but I’m measuring normal and so is Ben! We’ve actually taken some more pictures!

Thanks for following along with our pregnancy journey! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that love our little family and we already love Ben so much!

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