Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

We’re in the thick of the third trimester! I can’t believe we’ll be holding baby Ben in less than 2 months!

20 weeks was super eventful! We found out the gender, I started wearing maternity clothes, and I starting feeling kicks with my hand (I started feeling the flutters at week 15). Brad felt him move – finally – at week 23. (I don’t know if he truly believed he was in there until then!)

I finally stopped feeling so sick around 20 weeks and I had about 8 weeks of feeling pretty good! Lately I’ve started to get more uncomfortable, I’ve experience some heartburn (not too bad, luckily), and I think I got a bruised rib from all of his kicking! (Ben, not Brad) Nausea has made a slight return lately, but nothing like I was experiencing in the beginning.

He’s been a super active baby – at least I think so, I don’t have anything to compare to! He loves to move and kick and wiggle. It’s fun to see and feel him move around, but resulting sore ribs have been a bit unpleasant. They’ve been feeling a little better in the last few days and I’ve been finding better ways to sit and move around to prevent squishing him so much. 🙂

I had the gestational diabetes test a few weeks ago. My first glucose test came back elevated, so I had to take the 3-hour follow-up test. During the first attempt, I threw up the glucose drink after about 20 minutes, so the entire test – and thus the entire visit – was negated. A week later I tried again, but this time using the candy challenge instead of the glucose drink. Luckily I managed to keep it down. I had eat 10 fun-size Three Musketeers bars in five minutes, which sounds awesome but was actually terrible. Fortunately, the results came back normal!

A lot of people ask how the nursery is coming and the short answer is… it’s not. We took down wallpaper, put in more lighting, and painted the walls, ceiling, and trim. All of that was a huge job! As far as decorating goes, we haven’t done much. We have a changing table, a rocker/glider, and a shelf that Brad built, but otherwise it’s pretty empty at the moment. My baby showers start next weekend, so I know that it will come together very soon! I’m excited to share the finished room here on the blog soon!

A healthy pregnancy has been such a blessing and we’ve treasured the milestones over the last seven months, but we are getting super excited to meet little Ben! We love to talk and dream about what he’ll look like, who he’ll take after, and what his personality will be like. I have a feeling these next couple of months are going to feel long!

Here’s a few baby bump pics! For other pregnancy updates, click here, and here.

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