Ben’s Nursery

Ben’s Nursery

Hi friends! Our friend Jess took some beautiful pictures of Ben’s nursery when she did our newborn photos. I shared a couple of pictures on Instagram and did an Instagram story of the nursery, but I thought I should share Jess’s pictures here with all the info on where we got things.

All of these photos are taken by our talented friend Jess. We highly recommend her! Check out her website – Jessie Ann Photography. You can see some of his newborn pictures here.

We decided to do a travel/explore theme for the nursery. I think it’s adorable, plus it reflects what we hope for Ben. We desire for him to be someone that is brave, always ready for adventure, doesn’t fear the unknown, and is ready to take Jesus to the nations. I also like it because it’s not too “babyish” and should be able to grow with him. It could also transition to a girl’s room easily if a girl comes into our family someday. We planned to use this theme whether we had a boy or a girl!

A lot of work went into this room. For the last two years, this room was the “blue flower room”, named for the lovely wallpaper it contained. We took the wallpaper down, repaired the walls, put primer on the walls, then we painted the trim, doors, ceiling, and walls (the walls are painted Gray Owl). We also had an extra pot light put in to help brighten the room. Brad replaced the light switch with a dimmer switch and we bought white faux wood blinds. Then we got to decorate! We were super fortunate to spend very little money on this room. Most of the items in the nursery were things we already had, were bought for us as gifts, or were made for us by friends!

This crate was made by my sister-in-law Heather. She threw us a shower with Brad’s family and their family friends. Each guest brought a book for Ben, so the crate was already full when we got home from the shower! We are so excited to read to Ben and we really hope that he has a love for reading.

I love love this wall. Brad made the mountain shelf in one afternoon out of $10 worth of wood and some stain we already had. My wonderful friend Katy made the hoops and “Ben” letters as decor for one of my showers, then let me take them home! I love them so much. The globes, B block, picture frame, ampersand, and bunny were all items we already had. The card in the middle was one I received at a shower. The little toy car came in one of our gifts from my aunt Laurie and uncle John. The cylinder by the picture frame is a kaleidoscope that my mom gave us. The metal map to the right was given to me by my aunt Lisa. We bought the dresser we are using as a changing table at IKEA and the chair was bought for us by my parents (it’s from Buy Buy Baby). Behind the chair is a wicker basket I bought from Home Goods that I’m using as a hamper. There’s a stuffed animal bear on it that was mine when I was little.

This sign is one of my favorite parts of the room! I showed my friend Brittni some maps on Pinterest and Etsy that I liked and she nailed it! It’s such a neat piece and would actually look amazing in any room of my house.

The side table is from Home Goods and the lamp and rug are from Target. I love the lamp because it is a touch lamp! Super handy when my hands are full, which is often.

You can’t see it very well but there’s another chair in the corner. We knew we’d be spending a lot of time in this room and whoever wasn’t sitting in the rocker/glider would either have to stand or sit on the floor, so we moved this chair (from IKEA) from our bedroom to the nursery. It has been so great to have a second place to sit in there! It’s nice for when Brad and I are in there together or when guests have come over and want to see the nursery. Who loves it the most is our dog Libby, who sits there almost any time I’m in the nursery with Ben during the day.

This sign is one of the first things we bought for the nursery. I wanted to find something with a great saying or statement that I hadn’t already seen a million times before. We found this poster at a shop in Brookside and we bought the frame on Amazon. This is another piece that I could put anywhere in our house! Brad’s mom bought us the crib from Amazon and the sheets are from Target.

The banner was another item made by my friend Katy for my shower. It’s the perfect piece for a wall that is otherwise sort of plain. I bought the USA sign from Target in the dollar spot around 4th of July. I want to write something on it but I haven’t decided what yet. The ukulele is Brad’s and the hat was given to us by my sister-in-law Heather.

I’m so pleased with how the nursery came together. It is exactly how I envisioned it. It’s a good thing that I enjoy it because Ben and I spend a lot of time in here! I’m looking forward to many years of memories in this room.

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